Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focuses on the long-term prevention of pests and pest damage by managing the ecosystem. IPM combines management approaches — biological, cultural, mechanical, and chemical controls — for greater effectiveness. Land Logics Group offers the following services to help you meet your IPM goals.

PESTLogics offers online solutions for digital tracking and records keeping of your pest management operations information in a geo-spatial cloud-based environment.  

Migrate your records keeping workflow from paper and desktop application to the web. It’s a solution for busy professional pest or environmental managers having to do more with less and tasked with oversight of multiple locations, organizations or golf courses.

    • Record and map pest control task and surveillance activities on any device, in any location.
    • PESTLogics is more than just digital records management — it provides you with a powerful interface to evaluate pest management operations and make better decisions.
    • It’s designed for everyone: pesticide applicators, administrators, facility managers, records entry personnel, risk and loss prevention personnel, private businesses and government agencies.
    • Easily generates reports and graphics that help you communicate the meaning of your data.
    • Lets users manage their own professional certifications and pesticide inventories.
    • Offers ongoing support — Help Desk, library of knowledge-based articles, and user guides that can be customized for your user needs.
    • Easy on the budget…nothing to own and maintain.
    • Saves you time and money in collecting, analyzing and documenting pesticide use data.
    • Services are by subscription or enterprise solution.

Support for IPM Plan Writing and Plan Updates

Pollinator Habitat Plans and Designs