These receivers are capable of sub-meter accuracy via free SBAS satellite corrections from the WAAS constellation.

These receivers are capable of centimeter accuracy when connected to an RTK network or base station over cellular service.

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Eos Arrow Gold PLUS Bundle


The Arrow Gold+ maintains the exceptional accuracy and functionality of the standard Arrow Gold RTK receiver, but now adds several features. See Description tab below for a list of the added features.

Bundle Includes:

  • Arrow Gold+ RTK GNSS Receiver with Seral Port
  • Arrow Smart Battery Pack
  • L1/L2/L5, Lband Antenna
  • Antenna Mounting Plate
  • Antenna Cable with Quick-Release Function
  • Pole Bracket
  • Pole Clamp
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Base/Rover RTK Activation
  • 2-Year Warranty (90-Day Battery Warranty)
  • Lifetime Tech Support from the GPS/GNSS Experts at LLG



New Arrow Gold+ Features:

Longer Battery Life

The new Arrow Gold+ battery life is up to 11 hours on a full charge. This adds 4 hours of battery life compared to the standard Arrow Gold.

Supports free Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS) 

Galileo HAS will provide differential corrections for GPS and Galileo satellites directly from Galileo satellites themselves. This will greatly improve the accuracy of the Arrow GNSS receiver, worldwide. Galileo HAS is expected to be fully operational by 2024.

Multiplexing (Bridge Capability)

Multiplexing refers to the ability to stream the output of third-part hardware to an iOS or other mobile device via the Arrow receiver’s Bluetooth connection. This will allow for most Bluetooth laser range finders and underground utility locators to be use with the Gold+. The standard Gold requires the purchase of an Eos Bridge to accomplish this.


The new multipoint feature allows users to connect more than one mobile device to the Arrow Gold+ simultaneously.

World’s Most Advanced GNSS Receiver for Every Mobile Device
The Arrow Gold+ is the first high-accuracy iOS, Android and Windows Bluetooth GNSS receiver to implement all four global constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), three frequencies (L1, L2, L5) and satellite-based RTK augmentation. The Arrow Gold works with all apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It also supports all planned global constellations as well as all planned signals, giving it an awesome return on investment that will serve you well into the next decade and beyond.

RTK Everywhere – Even in Poor Cell Coverage Areas
The Arrow Gold+ offers a new feature called SafeRTK. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stay connected to an RTK network in areas with poor cell coverage. The Arrow Gold’s SafeRTK features is the answer. When the Arrow Gold loses connection to the RTK network, SafeRTK takes over in a few seconds and allows the Arrow Gold to maintain RTK-level accuracy for up to 20 minutes, until the Arrow Gold is automatically reconnected to the RTK network. This results in smooth, RTK-level RTK accuracy even in areas with poor cell coverage.

No RTK Network Access Available? Pioneering Low-Cost Global Satellite
Do you work in an area without an RTK network available? The Arrow Gold+ features an 8cm, real-time satellite correction service available anywhere in the world. Using all four constellations and signals, the Arrow Gold offers convergence times as low as 10 minutes, anywhere in the world, at a revolutionary price point that works with all iOS/Android/Windows devices.

The Ultimate Accuracy for your iOS/Android/Windows Device
Of course, iOS/Android/Windows compatibility is our expertise. Eos has the most advanced connectivity with all mobile devices and free software utilities to ensure compatibility with apps like Esri’s Collector/ArcPad/Survey123, and many other mobile GIS software apps.


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