About Us

Land Logics Group (LLG) is a woman-owned, small business consulting firm providing digital transformation and data management services to private firms, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Land Logics group works primarily in the areas of stormwater management and water quality, integrated pest management, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). You can view our  stormwater projects here.

We work with our clients to bring innovative ideas to re-invent business workflows, visualize data, overcome digital challenges and improve business outcomes. We provide outstanding support in identifying process improvements that reshape approaches to data management and analysis, turn data into knowledge and provide tools and technique to enhance our clients’ business in a digital world. We excel at integrating spatial functionality and help your staff to work faster, with more confidence and less effort. Our work helps to power your company or agency’s imagination and make tedious tasks fun. 

We strive for a balanced strategic approach to project planning and design, one that pursues intended functions, aesthetics and operations as well as sustainability. 

Our Services

Digital Maps & Records Management

Geospatial Technologies

Integrated Pest Management

Natural Resource & Conservation Planning